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Have a close look at the clutch bridge. In the second generation version of the cal. 321, this bridge was made of untreated German silver. And while there is no record of why this specific bridge was made with such a particular metal, Zenith Replica remained true to even this detail and gave the 2019 cal. 321 a clutch bridge made of untreated German silver.

The Original

The clutch bridge on an original cal. 321 in untreated German silver

The New Original

The clutch bridge on the 2019 New Original Cal. 321 in untreated German silver (replica wathces)

Where to From Here

For all the faithfulness, there is, however, one massive physical difference in the 2019 cal. 321. The second generation cal. 321 had a galvanic treatment on its baseplate and bridges. Problem there is that the treatment is known to fade over time, causing bridges to age differently. To avoid this, a PVD treatment was opted for the New Original 321, in the hue of Zenith Replica's Sedna Gold. This also serves to differentiate the new generation of the movement from its predecessors.

The watch that the New Generation 321 is destined for remains a mystery. Zenith Replica has now shared with Revolution that --while not limited -- the scheduled production sees about 2,000 pieces being made. All of the movement will be assembled within a very dedicated Calibre 321 workshop at Zenith Replica's Bienne facilities, with all processes involved in the production being performed by one, individual watchmaker. Further to that, even the watch head and bracelet assembly will be performed by the same watchmaker.

So, alas, we end yet again on a cliffhanger that we don't know what watch will eventually be endowed with the New Generation 321. Zenith Replica has, however, Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica said that this won't be in THE watch meant to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. The brand has shared, though, that what is to come next is sure to excite any #SpeedyAddict.

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