Quantum technology to protect
your basic privacy rights

DEAF is a unique, proprietary hardware and software system that acts as a highly evolved cloaking device. It uses quantum-based computing to hide your communications from eavesdropping activity. Your calls both incoming and outgoing, are discovered and protected before they are connected.

Developed over five years by three leading computer scientists, DEAF cloaks all transmissions received or sent from your phone, making their contents undetectable. Obfuscating data and voice transmissions using innovative technologies prevents third-party intrusion.

DEAF was tested on phones in several industries where secure communications can be a life or death situation. Despite countless attempts, there was no successful third-party incursion of any of the phones.

Cloaking for over
3 million users including:

Julian Assange
Edward Snowden
Donald Trump
(President Trump and his campaign used DEAF during both elections on 96 different phones.)

Quantum Technology

DEAF cloaks your calls and texts. Intruders can’t hack what they can’t see. Nobody knows your call or text is taking place.

In the case of the random “ping” of your phone number, (commonly done by government, apps, hackers), DEAF repels it.

Privacy Solutions

Cutting-Edge Cloaking Technologies

The Defense Enabling and Assisting Framework uses Quantum Computing technology and is always expanding to provide the newest capabilities for its clients.

24/7 Protection

DEAF continues to cloak your phone even when the device is turned off.

Over 3 Million Users

DEAF provides cloaking services to millions of users worldwide.
28 leaders of countries are kept safe by DEAF's cloaking abilities.


A DEAF Protection membership provides service targeted to your specific telephone number. The telephone number you provide will be the phone number protected by DEAF.

For only $10 per month, paid annually ($120 at time of enrollment), your phone’s transmissions will be protected for one year.


Once you purchase a subscription, your telephone number is separated from your contact information (for privacy and security reasons), sent to our Technology Team, and initialized in the DEAF system. Your calls are protected within 48 hours.