Liberal Witch Hunt Targets Trump’s NY Empire: $354B Fine & Trembles as Trump 2.0 Signals MAGA Might!

The Economist, a left-wing publication, is in an absolute tizzy over the mere thought of having another term of the incomparable and always entertaining Donald J. Trump as president. The fact that they are panicking over the resurgence of conservative values and Christianity in the United States just goes to show how out of touch those elitist “thinkers” truly are!

The magazine whines about the rise of the “MAGA movement,” which they melodramatically label as “dangerous.” They are clearly appalled by the idea of prioritizing national sovereignty and individualism over their beloved globalist, woke agenda. Instead of acknowledging the undeniable impact of the conservative movement, they’re sobbing over how conservatives dare to have a voice in politics. Clearly, The Economist is too busy sipping their lattes in ivory towers to notice the real struggles of everyday Americans. They’re too blinded by their own elitism to see that ordinary people are sick and tired of being ruled by overbearing and ideologically driven leftists.

The article even laments the fact that conservatives have the audacity to address real issues like illegal immigration and the economic insecurity of future generations. It’s as if they believe that only they can dictate what problems are worthy of attention. But we all know that the woke left has no interest in addressing the concerns of hardworking Americans. It’s both comical and infuriating to see The Economist wallowing in self-pity and fear over the resurgence of conservatism. The fact that they view national conservatism as a “politics of grievance” while completely ignoring the left’s own endless grievances is laughable.

But fear not, fellow patriots! The article admits that liberalism can adapt to national conservatism, although it condescendingly claims that it’s currently “falling behind.” The truth is, the left-wing elites are scrambling because they know that their progressive agenda is losing ground to the common-sense principles of conservatism. So, let them wring their hands and wail – the conservative movement is alive and thriving, much to their dismay!
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