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Frequently Asked Questions

Is DEAF a cellphone? Can I keep my phone?
You’re in luck! DEAF is a service, not a phone. Whatever device your phone number is on (cellphone, Skype, tablet), DEAF covers it.

Is there an App on my phone?
No. Apps on a phone can be hacked and tracked. If you have an App, that means your identity is in some database somewhere, right? That identity is associated with your phone (login, password, etc.). DEAF uses your cellphone number ONLY (not your name, email, address or anything else), and puts that number into our system. That’s the best way to protect your privacy.

How do I know DEAF is working for me?
When you subscribe, our team inputs your phone number into the DEAF software. That takes anywhere from 24-48 hours (or it can be a few minutes - you know how we techies are). You’ll receive an email from us telling you DEAF has been activated on your phone number. Pay attention - calls could be much clearer - or calls could start dropping for no reason. If somebody is trying to listen, DEAF will repel them. If they persist, DEAF will simply disconnect the call.

C’mon, how does this work?
If we told you that... All joking aside, DEAF cloaks your calls and texts. Intruders can’t hack what they can’t see. Nobody knows your call or text is taking place. In the case of the random “ping” of your phone number, (commonly done by government, apps, hackers), DEAF repels it.

What is covered with my subscription?
One phone number. We strongly encourage coverage of children’s phones, too - bad guys are known to intercept kids’ texts and target them.

Does anybody we know use DEAF?
Would you really want us to tell? DEAF has over 3,000,000 subscribers worldwide! Since it’s built on Quantum technology, that’s a piece of cake! Many household names use DEAF to protect their privacy. The ones who don’t, you hear about on the news.

How much is this service?
DEAF subscription costs $120 per year, auto-renewed annually.


A DEAF Protection membership provides service targeted to your specific telephone number.

The telephone number you provide will be the phone number protected by DEAF.

For only $10 per month, paid annually ($120 at time of enrollment), your phone’s transmissions will be protected for one year.