Words That Strike Fear - Narrow Win:

When it comes to that most dirty of businesses only politics can seek favour with folks and threaten them if they don't go along. After all you get to vote once in a while for your favoured candidate whether on the national, state, county, city, town, board level, positions to be filled by the you the voter.

Where does the fear come in? When you hear that so and so , or such and such won narrowly, you must sit down and think. Who counted the votes? A narrow win in a Federal election means many many wins precinct by precinct, poling area by poling area. What if at every voting booth candidates of one political stripe or another won narrowly and then the totals nationally were narrowly awarded to one particular party? Does close but not a win convince you that your vote counted as much as the other guys and there were just too many other guys on the other side who tipped the balance in your candidates opponents favour?

But what if the intent of a few had always been to allow a predetermined number of narrow margins to take place. Enough narrow margins to win a narrow number of seats to take control of whatever governing body had an election. Ask Hilary Clinton about her graduate thesis and the subject of that thesis who said that you could win elections if you controlled the ballot count (these words may not be exact but the principle espoused is as has been proffered.

In summary - how do you win an election? One narrow ballot win at a time, counted or not. Donald Trump has in is possession the goods on the 2016 and 2020 elections. I'm just waiting for him to use them.

- Dr. James (Jim) Garrow Ph.D.


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