Due Process - A mythical notion like unicorns and leprechauns

As you hear the day to day, blow by blow fusillade aimed at the Trumpmeister, you really begin to doubt the foundational principles upon which the Republic was founded. Does the law actually protect the innocent and does it apply to all without bias and bigotry? Or is the court of public opinion and its vagaries the actual methodology through which one political party strives to hold onto power and to cripple first the reputation of the opposition and then take apart the foundations upon which the Republic rests?

Recent days have been a bad dream, a nightmare that makes you wonder what law and order really are and when justice will prevail for one man whose primary sin seems to be that of loving his country enough to "suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" on our behalf. This has been an unprecedented drain on the publics confidence in our system of justice and government. It has been an embarrassment glaringly presented to the international community that is aghast in shock at the formerly stable bed rock of America, now shaken to its core.

We have shown in days past that our belief in a just cause and a just God who supports righteousness is not without the rewards of that righteousness that we as a nation strive to attain in the sight of Almighty God. We can trust Him to be true to His word as we are found obedient to His commands and His principles. My prayer is that God will stop the evil one dead in his tracks and honour the commitments made by the Founding Fathers to obey the laws of Yahweh/Jehovah God because it is our "reasonable service" and His righteousness that we claim from the pages of His Word and His guidebook for our lives personally and corporately. He will not fail us as we strive to obey Him in all things. God Bless America

- Dr. James Garrow Ph.D.


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