What's That Noise? Moaning From Canada?

As the major and minor cities in Canada are being swamped and overburdened by illegal immigrants, local services are being drained and Canadians are sitting, waiting for services created for them to finally aide them in their desperation while the monies allocated for doing just that are drained by illegals flowing across America's southern border and being transported north to Canada. Surprise, surprise, the very same havoc being played out in American cities is now the daily struggle in Canada's cities, towns and villages.

America has become the distribution point (entrepot for the dictionary searchers) for thousands flowing north to the less regulated land of the beaver - remember Wally and the Beaver? Canada has its own duffus, the Canadian equivalent known as Justin Trudeau. Note to self - never hire a Drama Teacher to run your country, troubles will follow and loyal Canadians will rise up to put him in his place (on the street not as Prime Minister) after stupid decisions become daily occurrences.

It seems that North America now has a chorus of moans lilting from the Mexican Border to the North Pole as citizens realize that they are paying for the take over of their countries by foreign elements who want hand outs not work. How long will this continue? As long as the morons who stole the last elections continue in power. We need Trump and Pollivere in charge and things could very well get back to normal and Americans and Canadians can let out a sigh of relief.

To That End Pray - "The effectual fervent prayer of the righteous avails much."

- Dr. James Garrow Ph.D.


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