Silencing The Truth: The Fear Of Muslim Reprisals

Attacks across Britain and Europe have resulted in deaths, dis-memberments, disfigurements, and havoc, but these are merely facts that should result in penalties that are defined by the severity of the crimes. Hang on to your hats folks, justice is not prevailing.

So what is happening to these criminals who are for the most part muslims doing what they are told to do in their mosques/temples/churches/hate speech centers or whatever you want to call them? They are being let go after apprehension by the police. Yes, let go, returned into the public arena to do what? Ask forgiveness, humbly admit that they were wrong to do what they did? No, to repeat their crimes and be congratulated by their imams and fellow congregants, cheered on to do more and greater things for allah.

Perversity is now the norm in the justice systems across Europe and Britain. What drives this new found justice? Fear of reprisal from the violent and militant islamic population now growing brazen and wanton in their criminality. Look at the headlines or read between the lines of articles that almost report the truth but not quite. They deliberately deceive folks into believing facts that are not facts but merely propaganda serving the interests of a growing population of jew and christian haters.

Be careful where you get your news from. More and more sources are bowing in fear to muslim propagandists who threaten and deliver on their threats. A once biblically based society is being overrun by the demonic in my humble opinion.

- Dr James Garrow Ph.D.
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