No Taxation Without Representation:

The above was a watchword that was the became precursor to revolution. The fairness principle and the societal contract that held nations together whereby individuals allowed law to hold them in restraint were a crucial element of a persons freedoms within society. A social order roughly bowing to the basic Rule of Law built on the original Ten Commandments contained itself by agreement to this social contract. Freedoms were given by God and ordered and prescribed by the interpretation and limitations of man.

We have wandered far from the notion of individual sovereignty limiting itself in the form of a social contract defining strictures, laws, governance and punishments in order that equals might exist in harmony with one another. Sweet reasonableness was a necessary balance to order, reward and punishment, guaranteeing freedom of opportunity to all. The lawless man was anathema to all and in need of control. The notion of a sinful nature would also be a pre-determinate to forgiveness or punishment, guilt or innocence, and would lend understanding for the need of equal justice for all. That meant that the innocent would gain protections and those guilty of breach of the social order would be meted out justice by his equals. The notion of equal weight given to crime with punishments attached to balance the breach of law against loss, damage, or violation of rights would underscore the restrictions placed on all.

How free is the man whose rights are violated by his government and punishments are not found to be sweet in their lack of reasonableness? Without a balance rebellion is not far behind.

- Dr. James Garrow -
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