D.E.A.F. was developed over a five year period by three leading computer scientists with backgrounds in physics, optoelectronics, encryption, compression and cryptography. The system is a complete hardware and software system that allows your mobile phone to be protected and have all transmissions received or transmitted cloaked and the contents undetectable.

Communications covered by DEAF

  • Cell Phone and Smart Phone Calls
  • VoIP (IP Telephony) Calls
  • IP Phones
  • Skype Calls (over your protected telephone or IP phone)
Your Subscription protects one (1) phone number for one year for $120.00 PER YEAR. Click here for a breakdown of coverage.

The telephone number you provide will be the designated number protected by DEAF. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at

Click here to make full payment of $120.00 (US) at time of enrollment for one year.

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DISCLAIMER: The DEAF product and service is a combination of hardware and software that is proprietary technology. DEAF is a real, verifiable, and lawful product and service that provides real, verifiable, and lawful protection of people's cell phone communications (telephone, skype, text messaging, email). No person(s) providing any kind of consulting, sales, marketing, public relations, or endorsements of the DEAF product, service, or organization, shall be held responsible or liable in any way for any kind of measurement, legitimacy, or verifiability of the DEAF product's existence, integrity, performance, legality, licensing, tracking, or success. All aspects of the DEAF product's design, development, fabrication, manufacturing, distribution, operations, and management shall be the sole responsibility of the technological and manufacturing department and agents. All DEAF products, technology and service is strictly proprietary and non-releasable. is an authorized reseller of DEAFUSA
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